Bebe is the sixth chapter of Sideways Stories From Wayside School.Bebe draws the fastest out of everyone in the class. In one art class, with the assistance of Calvin, she makes 370+ works of art in one hour (a new personal record), but Mrs. Jewls tells her that the quality of art is more important than the quantity. Bebe subsequently goes home to begin a picture of a cat; she indicates that she probably will have barely begun by the next day.


Memorable Quotes

Calvin: It would have taken me the whole period just to draw one picture, and Bebe would only have been able to draw a hundred pictures. But with the two of us working together, she was able to draw three hundred and seventy-eight pictures! That’s a lot more art. (shakes Bebe’s hand)

Mrs. Jewls: No. That isn’t how you measure art. It isn’t how many pictures you have, but how good the pictures are. Why, a person could spend his whole life just drawing one picture of a cat.In that time I’m sure Bebe could draw a million cats.

Bebe: Two million.

Mrs. Jewls: But if that one picture is better than each of Bebe’s two million, then that person has produced more art than Bebe.

Bebe: I'm going home to draw a picture of a cat.

Louis: Will you bring it to school and show it to me tomorrow?

Bebe: (laughing) Tomorrow! By tomorrow I doubt if I'll even be finished with one whisker.

Notes & Trivia

  • It is revealed that Bebe can produce a picture of a cat in under 45 seconds, a dog in less than 30 seconds, and a flower in less than 8 seconds.
  • Bebe is first identified here.