Wayside primarily centers Todd (voiced by Mark Rendall), a transfer student who attends Mrs. Jewels' class on the 30th floor and struggles to adapt and conform to Wayside's offbeat academic structure.[1] Supporting characters include his friends Maurecia (Denise Oliver), a tomboy who has an enormous crush on Todd and often practices this via tsundere, Myron (Martin Villafana), a vain and self-centered African American student who wishes to become class president, and Dana (Lisa Ng), a Type A overachiever who obsessively maintains Wayside's rules and acts as Myron's campaign manager. Recurring members of the school faculty include Mrs. Jewels (Kathleen Laskey), Todd's offbeat yet endearing teacher, Principal Kidswatter (Kedar Brown), the self-centered and eccentric school principal, Louis (Sergio Di Zio), the relaxed and friendly caretaker and supervisor at Wayside, and Ms. Mush (Jayne Eastwood), the Eastern European head chef of the school cafeteria and nurse who is best known for her poor cooking and friendly personality.

Minor students in Mrs. Jewels' class include Rondi (Denise Oliver), an obese girl who is missing her two front teeth, Shari (Lisa Ng), a female student who wears a smoky purple overcoat and frequently sleeps in class, Stephen (Terry McGurrin), a student who attires a Halloween elf costume, the Three Erics (Peter Oldring, Terry McGurrin, and Dwayne Hill), three similarly-attired students in Mrs. Jewels' class who perform many casual tasks collectively, Jenny (Denise Oliver), an Evel Knievel-esque stunt performer who often rides a motorcycle throughout the school, John (Jacqueline Pillon in season 1; Dwayne Hill in season 2), a student in Mrs. Jewels' class who frequently walks on his hands upside-down, Joe (Peter Oldring), a student who is known for his large orange-colored afro, Leslie (Lisa Ng), a female student who uses two pigtails to perform everyday tasks, Bebe Gunn (Denise Oliver), a student best known for her advanced art skills, and Deedee (Lisa Ng), a student who wears a pink and purple shirt and has lemon-lime hair.

Several members of the school faculty also play minor roles, including Mrs. Gorf (Julie Lemieux), a substitute replacement for Mrs. Jewels who had the ability to transform her students into apples before being transformed into one herself by Maurecia, Le Chef (Peter Oldring), the former French chef in the teacher's lounge who was to be appointed cafeteria chef in place of Ms. Mush but was later evicted from the school due to his obnoxious demeanor, Mr. Blunderbuss (Dwayne Hill), the adventurous fourteenth floor teacher who often goes on hunting safaris throughout worldwide jungles, and Ms. Zarves, the teacher for the nonexistent nineteenth floor who is a frequent topic of discussion among Wayside students. Other recurring characters include Sammy, Ms. Mush's dead and petrified companion rat, Poobinsky, an octopus that Ms. Mush attempts to cook for lunch but often unsuccessful, and Fluffy, Maurecia's short-tempered pet porcupine who often envies Todd.

Faculty and Staff

Picture Name Description
Mrs. Jewls Mrs. Jewls Mrs. Jewls is the totally out of whack Teacer of the 30th Floor. Sure, she send Todd home on the Kindergarden bus each day of his Wayside life, but hey, Everyone (Even Todd) simply loves her. She is not crazy, just kooky (rumor has it that she can't even read) but all her crazy antics is what makes her such a class pride. Now Sit Down before she puts your name on the Discipline list!
Principal Kidswatter Mr. Kidswatter Crazy, insane, Paranoid. These are only a few words to describe Wayside's um.... Different Principal. Despite all these factors students seem to love him so much even to throw him a surprise birthday party. He seems to have one crazy project after another ranging from a sacred rubber band ball to an amusement park to bribe the student's hearts in to loving him. Mr. Kidswatter even has his own vocabulary for everything. Honestly, he would be a far greater threat if he were not so clueless. So Shut that Goozack! It's Getting cold in here
Mrs. Mush Ms. Mush "Hungry? I Feed you Mushroom surprise!" Yes, Wayside's own beloved Cook Ms. Mush is constantly found in her Sanctum, The school Kitchen! She may not be the Best Lunch (Honestly, The Mushroom surprise Cuts through the floor like Acid! Literally!) but she does come with all the love topping any other old Lunch lady. She will be ready to help you with anything you ask spanning from food to medical assistance (Wayside Style!) Hey! Have you met her best friend Sammy
Cool and Calm Louis If There is one thing the students can't live without, it's Louis! He's the one who puts the Fun in recess. Practically every student at Wayside knows Louis, who incidentally was a Waysider himself. Louis Serves as the Right Hand Man of Mr. Kidswatter (Who, by the way, is completely helpless without Him) and is the School ground Supervisor. Next to Todd, he seems to be the to be the second most normal person at Wayside. Later Dudes!