A list of the students seen in the Wayside School book series and the 2007 cartoon adaptation, Wayside.

Book and Cartoon
Picture Name Description
Todd Todd Todd is a kid who recently transferred to Wayside School. As such, he is not used to the offbeat style of teaching found at the school, and often ends up in trouble due to having little understanding of it. However, he is shown to be actually pretty quiet, and often ends up completing his work, despite his difficulties.
Maurecia Maurecia Maurecia is a girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who although originally pretty sweet and friendly, gained a more fiery, tomboyish attitude after the events of Mrs. Gorf occured. She supposedly has a crush on Todd, but often has trouble expressing it, harming him in the process. For unknown reasons, she is usually wearing roller skates.
Dana Dana Dana is a girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who is often noted to wear thick glasses. She has a tendency to get over-emotional over things, often laughing or crying far more than she should, as she attempts to break out of the habit. She is one of the smartest students in Mrs. Jewls' class as well, and helps Todd find his way around the school. She also serves as Myron's campaign manager.
Myron Myron A student who, although originally brave, friendly, and respectable, lost many of those traits after the events of Mrs. Gorf. He was left as a somewhat greedy and dimwitted student, who can hardly activate a light switch. Nonetheless, he is still aiming for the goal of becoming class president, with assistance from Dana.
Stephen Stephen A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who always shows up in strange costumes. Often, people comment on his strange fashion sense, although he never ends up changing it. He is very much into the Halloween spirit, and often ends up celebrating the holiday when no one else does.
Jenny Jenny A girl who always rides to school on the back of her motorcycle, and always ends up being late nonetheless. She is often seen as somewhat of a daredevil, often doing stunts that no one else in the class could do themselves. Aside from the motorcycle she rides on, she also has her own bicycle, which she uses to perform stunts. She is good friends with Maurecia.
Sharie Sharie A girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who always ends up falling asleep. She rarely wakes up, and when not asleep, is either looking out the window, or doing strange things, such as bringing over a Hobo for show and tell. Mrs. Jewls believes she learns in her sleep, and thinks she is the best student in class.
John John A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who always reads upside-down. Due to encountering troubles with reading the blackboard, he eventually learned to stand on his head, but after learning how, once again found troubles with being upside-down. Due to usually being in his desk, very little of him is seen, aside from his legs. He is also one of the smartest students in Mrs. Jewls' class.
Joe Joe A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who is best friends with John. He hardly knows how to count, and often has trouble with math problems, despite always getting the right answer. The problem is actually that he never uses the right process to perform equations. He also has a large afro, which he uses to store various things, which on a few occurences, has gotten him in trouble.
Eric Fry Eric Fry A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class with a remarkable athletic ability. He is known to be able to cross almost an entire field when a ball is thrown away from in, just barely missing it. However, since the other two Erics are not very athletic, he is referred to as "Butterfingers", which makes him pretty grumpy. Nowadays, he only hangs out with Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens, and performs daily tasks with them.
Eric Bacon Eric Bacon A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who is known to be rather skinny. In fact, he is one of the skinniest students in class. However, since Eric Fry and Eric Ovens are both more fat than him, he is often referred to as "Fatso", which makes him pretty grumpy. Nowadays, he mostly hangs out with Eric Fry and Eric Ovens, who perform daily tasks with him.
Eric Ovens Eric Ovens A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who is known to be pretty friendly. He always has something nice to say, and treats everyone equally. However, Eric Fry and Eric Bacon both got so upset by their nicknames that they became mean students, so he recieved the nickname "Crabapple". He also rarely gets gold stars, since he is the shortest of the Three Erics. Nowadays, he mostly hangs out with Eric Fry and Eric Bacon, who perform daily tasks with him.
Bebe Bebe Gunn An artistic girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who rarely speaks. She is able to create very good art, which she often uses to communicate, though on occasions, she has been seen speaking. She often ends up writing mean messages on the back of her papers, blaming it on Ray Gunn, who doesn't actually exist. She can draw very quickly as well, though if she does, the quality of her art also ends up being less good.
Leslie2 Leslie A girl in Mrs. Jewls' class with very long pigtails. Often, other students, particularly Paul, wish to pull Leslie's pigtails, sending her screaming in pain. She is also somewhat clever, as she once caught on to Paul's plan, and by screaming a third time, got him sent home early. Often, she ends up using her long pigtails to do everyday tasks.
Rondi2 Rondi A girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who originally was missing her front teeth. By the chapter "Teeth", however, she had grown them back. She is often admired for the things she doesn't have, such as her aforementioned front teeth, a large coat she never wears, as well as a hat and boots that match, and the funny jokes she doesn't tell. She is best friends with Allison, despite the fact Allison usually tries to show dominance over her.
Benjamin Nushmutt Benjamin Nushmutt A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who is a new student, moving in from Hempleton. Similar to Todd, he is confused by Wayside's offbeat acedemic style, though his greater concerns are that everyone believes his name is Mark Miller, and that he is from Magedonia, rather than Hempleton. He fears that if he said his name, people would find him silly, and no one would wish to be with him anymore, but after the reveal, it turned out everyone still liked him just as much as they did before.
Allison Book Illustration Allison A girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who always puts herself in the lead. She enjoys helping out the teachers, and often lends them some of her things. However, she also has a somewhat aggresive and superior side, as she is shown to occasionally be mean to some students, particularly the ones that make fun of her.
Kathy Illustration Kathy A very mean girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who often enjoys the pain and suffering of others. She has a reason to hate everyone, even though she actually was the cause of some of those reasons. Some students, such as Allison and D.J. have attempted befriending her, but she always neglects them in return.
Terrence Illustration Terrence A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who turns out to be somewhat of a school bully. As such, no one seems to invite him to athletic activities, as he always kicks the ball over the fence. Often, when people call him out on his bad behavior, he responds with a rhyming insult, such as "Get off my case, Buzzard Face!" which actually once lead him into a fight with Rondi. He is also described as being a good athlete, despite the times he ends up kicking the ball over the fence rather than actually playing the game.
Joy Illustration Joy A girl in Mrs. Jewls' class with a bigger mouth than any other. Often, that mouth is full of bubblegum. She is somewhat tomboyish, though she usually only takes action against Todd, being calm to the other students in class, though she has had an incident with Jason once. She also often steals peoples' lunches, and never admits it unless she believes she will have personal gain. However, once after stealing Dameon's lunch she felt so sorry for him, she could hardly eat anything that was in the lunch for a year.
Jason Illustration Jason A boy in class with the second biggest mouth, only behind Joy. His big mouth often gets him in trouble, so in most of the stories he is featured in, he ends up in a bad situation. He has a bad habit of chewing pencils, which once lead to Mrs. Jewls taping his mouth shut. Occasionally he calls out others for their bad actions, but often, he ends up in the wrong himself.
D.J. Book Illustration D.J. A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who is almost always smiling. His large smile ends up cheering up other students in the class, aside from Kathy, who is rarely ever happy. He is rarely ever upset, and even when he is, he often recovers somewhat quickly, aside from when Ms. Nogard took control of the class. Although he is friends with almost everyone, he is best friends with Myron and Dameon.
Dameon Illustration Dameon A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who often has to run up and down the thirty flights of stairs at Wayside. Often, this leads him to being exhausted, but by the end of the story, usually he can take it. He is also in love with Mrs. Jewls, but has difficulty confessing it, since he is afraid he'd embarass himself in front of the rest of the class.
Mac Book Illustration Mac A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who was originally named Nancy, until he traded with a girl on the 23rd story. He was once very shy, but after the name change, became one of the most talkative students in class. He often ends up telling long stories unrelated to the subject, which interest the other students, but annoy the teacher, who wishes to get on with the topic.
Deedee Illustration Deedee A girl who is interested in sports, but often has trouble getting involved in athletic activities due to how she only ever gets the yellow ball. She is interested in a TV show about real criminals, which she thinks about when trying to find out who Mrs. Drazil is. She is fairly clever, and good at creating elaborate plans with assistance of her friends. She is best friends with Ron.
Ron Illustration Ron A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who often enjoys playing kickball. However, he has rather wimpy legs, so no one wishes to pick him on their team. However, he is also very good with his arms, being able to land a good punch, and can pitch the ball pretty far, though since he rarely plays anything aside from kickball, this hidden talent is unknown by most students.
Paul Book Illustration Paul A boy in Mrs. Jewls' class who sits behind Leslie. Often, he will end up pulling her pigtails, sending her screaming in pain. He doesn't wish to be mean to her, but he recieves such great satisfaction from pulling her hair, that often he has trouble resisting. However, after being hypnotized by Dr. Pickell, he started believing that her pigtails were rattlesnakes, and did not desire to pull them anymore.
Calvin Illustration Calvin

A student in Mrs. Jewls' class who serves as Bebe's art assistant. He draws very slowly, so often, he believes he comes to no use in art class, so instead, he helps Bebe draw her things. He has a tattoo of a potato on his ankle which he got for his birthday.

Sue Illustration Sue A girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who read the books, and moved to Wayside School so she could draw pictures, eat ice cream, and watch movies about turtles. However, she didn't realize that the school also had a strange style of teaching, which lead her into troubles. Similar to other new kids seen in the series, she is baffled by the way Wayside School is. She is only seen in Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School and More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School.
Cartoon Only
Grey DeLisle - Deedee Caroline Caroline only appears in the cartoon. Little is known about her.. However, this is unconfirmed.