Sharp Fluffy
Gender: Male
Eye color: Black
Species: Porcupine or hedgehog
Personal Information
Mrs. Gorf
Le Chef

Fluffy is Maurecia's pet porcupine or hedgehog. He used to be pink, soft, and harmless, but he changed after Maurecia did. But when he saw Todd as a threat to their friendship (even though Todd actually rarely or doesn't pose any threat at all), he hated him because he was terribly jealous of Todd, and will do anything to drive Maurecia away from Todd and embarrass him in the process.

He once masterfully controlled Mr. Kidswatter, the school principal, after he mistook Fluffy as new hair, and shoved Todd into Miss Mush's wet and disgusting bucket. Sometimes, he won't retaliate against Todd unless Maurecia shows Todd affection. Fluffy worries if Maurecia favors Todd over him.


  •  Fluffy is always brought to school by his owner Maurecia.