Kidswatter: the Movie/Safety Monitor is the 16th episode of the first season of Wayside.

Kidswatter: The Movie

The class of the 30th floor must do a movie on Mr. Kidswatter, and Todd gets the lead. Unfortunately, he goes a little too far because he becomes worse than the real Mr. Kidswatter and todd realizes what he has become and at the end of the episode everyone in his class forgives him.

Safety Monitor

Maurecia takes over the role of safety monitor when Myron proves to be too incompetant for the job (although no one actually GAVE him the job, he just showed up one day and declared himself safety monitor). But Maurecia soon proves to be worse than Myron when she starts ruining everyone else's fun.


  • Interestingly at the end of the episode Kidswatter: the Movie when the students made a film, Mr. Kidswatter fell off the desk that was upside down. However, the desk didn't fall on Kidswatter as the desk had no gravity. Also, the most strange thing is that what was the desk hanging on while it was upside down; it couldn't be the ceiling because it is higher than the height of the "floating" of the desk. This couldn't be answered because the angle at the bottom was off-screen.
  • When Myron spins Jenny on the swings super fast, the speed streaks of her clothes somewhat resemble Captain America's shield.


Kidswatter the Movie & Safety Monitor (Fullscreen)

Kidswatter the Movie & Safety Monitor (Fullscreen)