Mr. Gorf
Mr. Gorf Illustration
Illustration by Adam McCauley
Gender: Male
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: green
Species: Gorf
Age: 46
Birthday: December 8,
Personal Information
  substitute teacher
  The Gorf Residence
  All the other Gorfs.
  Mrs. Jewls' class
  stealing people's voices
Mrs. Gorf
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Mr. Gorf is the first substitute teacher in Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger. Although appearing friendly at first, soon he reveals he can steal voices with a third nostril. He attacked Mrs. Jewls' class as revenge on them accidentally leading to the death of his mother, Mrs. Gorf. He comes from Kathmandu in Nepal.

Major Roles

  • He only appears for two chapters in Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger, the first being "Voices", where Myron accidentally releases him from his closet. He seems nice at first, but then begins taking the voices of the students, and mimicking them perfectly by touching his nose. He then uses his power to say spiteful things to the students' mothers, only to be interrupted by Miss Mush.
  • In the subsequent chaper, "Nose", he continues his antics, only for Miss Mush to arrive again. This time, Miss Mush brought a pepper pie, which she then slammed against Mr. Gorf's face. He began rapidly sneezing out the voices, which at first didn't line up due to the amount he took prior, though in the end everyone has their voice back. Miss Mush was able to find out he stole voices after hearing Kathy say "Have a nice day!" in the chapter before, something which is completely out of character for her.