Mrs. Gorf
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Mrs. Gorf Gets Defeated
Gender: Female
Hair color: Gary
Eye color: red
Species: Apple (formerly fools human)
Age: 66(Deceased in the books)
Birthday: November 12,
Personal Information
  Mr. Gorf
Mr. Gorf
If you children are bad, or if you answer a problem wrong, I'll wiggle my ears, stick out my tongue, and turn you into apples!

— Mrs. Gorf in "Mrs. Gorf"

Mrs. Gorf was the meanest teacher in the history of Wayside School and used to teach the thirtieth story. She had the power to turn students into apples. However, after being hit by a shot she sent reflected by a mirror, she was turned into an apple.


She is an evil teacher, and is said to be the meanest there ever was. She was very strict, and if the students did anything she disliked, she'd turn them into apples.

In the TV Show, it is revealed that she is responsible for Maurecia's tomboyish personality. Maurecia's pet porcupine, Fluffy, was also turned into a pineapple. From then on, the evil teacher was never, ever seen again. Oddly, before she turned Myron into a potato, she seemed to be inspired by Myron's rebellion and hinted that she might be friends with him. She was defeated easily by Maurecia when she was overpowered by the transformed students.

Major Roles


  • She had magical, evil powers to turn anything into any type of fruits until she was defeated, her beam color was yellow with a orange outline.
  • Mrs. Gorf is portrayed by Julie Lemieux (the stand-in voice for Mrs. Jewls when Kathleen Lasky is absent).
  • She has a son named Mr. Gorf.