Mrs. Gorf is the first chapter of Sideways Stories From Wayside School and so introduces the characters from Wayside School. They have a mean teacher named Mrs. Gorf who, if they do something even remotely wrong or disruptive, turns them into apples. She is forced to turn them back into humans, but when they cause mischief again, she tries turning them into apples again. But Jenny holds up a mirror, turning the effect on Mrs. Gorf. Now an apple, she is eaten by Louis the yard teacher.


Memorable Quotes

Mrs. Gorf: If you children are bad, or if you answer a problem wrong, I'll wiggle my ears, stick out my tongue, and turn you into apples!


  • First appearances of Mrs. Gorf and Louis. And although all the students in the class presumably first appear here as well, only Joe, John, Todd, Stephen, Kathy, Paul, Mac (as Nancy), Terrence, Maurecia, Eric Fry, Eric Bacon, Eric Ovens, and Jenny are first identified.