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Season 1, Episode 12a
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"Music Lessons" is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Wayside.


Myron finds a strange instrument in a locked box while he and his friends are having  music lessons, and when he put the strange flute up his nose his friends were under its spell and making them do funny things. Mr. Kidswatter must stop Myron before the school is eaten by cows.


Louis: Here they are, Mrs. J! [Drops the instruments] The instruments you asked for!

Mrs. Jewls: Thank you, Louis! Now we can begin our music lesson!

Louis: Rock the house, dudes!


Mrs. Jewls: Now class, please pick an instrument you would like to play.

[The class picks an instrument they would like play]

Todd: Man, I love the tuba! [Blows the tuba]

Maurecia: I guess I'll try the guitar. [Plays the guitar]

Leslie:[Plays drums]

Bebe:Cool, Leslie. Real cool!!

Dana: I'll play the abacus [Plays the abacus]

Stephen: Ooh, my favorite! A theremin!

Myron: Hah! That's nothin'! Wait till you see my instrument! The locked box! [Singing: "Da-da-da-dum-diay! Got my locked box to play! Myron-ron-ron-rondiay! I'll sing a song today!" x2]

Mrs. Jewls: [Claps hands] Oh thank you, Myron! That was wonderful!

Myron: Hey! Who broke my instrument?!

Todd: Oh, brother.

Mrs. Jewls: Ok class,ready to play?

Myron: But Mrs. Jewls! My locked box!


Wayside - 12A - Music Lessons (Widescreen)

Wayside - 12A - Music Lessons (Widescreen)