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Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Species: fools human
Personal Information

Class president (formerly)
Safety monitor
Movie director

  Todd Jason Ron

Maurecia Dana

  Le Chef Mr. Gorf Mrs. Gorf
  Class president
  To become class president
Fido and 2 other brothers
Production Information
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Last Appearance:
  "The Final Stretch"
The class president keeps the ceiling from falling down!

— Myron in "Myron vs. Normy"

Myron is a 10-year-old student in Mrs. Jewls's class. He is voiced by Martin Villafana.


Myron was class president for an unknown period of time before Todd arrived in Mrs. Jewls class. He stood up to Mrs. Gorf, but quickly turned into a coward when she tried to turn him into a potato."Mrs. Gorf" One day, Myron forgot to turn on the lights, and Mrs. Jewls angrily forced him to resign because he left her class in the dark for an hour.

Biography and personality

Before Mrs. Gorf became the substitute teacher, Myron was brave, strong, and fearless, but thanks to her, he lost all of these traits. Myron's lifelong goal is to become president of Mrs. Jewls's class, and he will stop at nothing to achieve this position, crying like a baby when he loses an election. Myron is extremely selfish and power-hungry, and has taken advantage of his friends on multiple occasions. He considers himself to be the most popular, intelligent, and most deserving student; when in most cases, he is a wannabe, who will copy anything, assuming that it will benefit him in some way. Myron is also rather scatterbrained; he does not know how to operate a light switch, and frequently forgets what a light switch even is.



Dana is Myron's best friend and campaign manager.

Principal Kidswatter

Myron looks up to Principal Kidswatter as a hero, and often acts as his assistant. Kidswatter always calls Myron by the wrong name (for example, "Morgan," "Marty," and "Marshmallow"), except for in the episode, "The Three Erics," when Myron takes off his glasses, and Kidswatter instantly recognizes him.


Myron has a baby brother named Fido and he has other 2 unknown brothers as mentioned in Cabbage, My Boy.


In the Wayside TV series, Myron is dark-skinned, short, and obese. He wears glasses, khaki shorts, and an aqua-colored sweater. In the book series, he is white-skinned, tall, skinny, and has big ears.