Principal Kidswatter
Principal Kidswatter
Gender: Male
Hair color: Gray-Purple
Eye color: Green
Species: fools human
Birthday: January 12,
Personal Information

Bullfighter (formerly)
Figure Skater (formerly)

  Mr. K (by Louis)

Kidskee (by Miss Mush) Principal Kidswatter (by Himself)

Mr Kid-Swatter (By Myron occasionally)

  Le Chef
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
  "The Final Stretch"
Voiced by:
Kedar Brown
Whatever. Like we need anymore of these snot-nosed brats around here. Especially with his record.

— Wayside the Movie

Prinicpal Kidswatter is the principal of Wayside School.


Kidswatter is self-centered, eccentric, and immature, yet at the same time, endearing and something of a "lovable old fool". As his name suggests, he does not like children. He goes into a fetal position whenever his is scared of something. He has his own weird vocabulary, calling the kids Watchamacallits and Todd his address, 344 South Fairview, the doors Goozacks and the walls, Charisma.

Mr. Kidswatter always calls Myron certain names that begin with M like for example, "Martin", "Morgan", "Melvin" and "Martha". He called him Myron when Myron took his glasses off. His 'helper' Louis is always there to help him because he tends to get himself into more trouble than needed.

Kidswatter doesn't consider the kids much, in fact, on one episode when they were trying to appreciate him, he got afraid. He has an odd relationship with Ms. Mush, the school's cafeteria lady and nurse, being as sometimes he likes her and sometimes doesn't.


  • Kidswatter has a fondness for coffee, doughnuts, gazebos and ice cream.
  • In the episode, Be True to Your Elf, it is revealed that he has a fear of leprechauns.
  • In the episode, Louis Gets Some Class, it is revealed that Kidswatter had purple hair when he was younger and that he never graduated from Wayside.
  • Kidswatter used to be a bullfighter and figure skater.
  • As seen in The Elevator, Kidswatter thought that the elevator was the bathroom.