• (Daring Love) when Todd thought Jenny also liked him he tries to tell her that it wouldn't work out and tries to explain about Maurecia, he didn't know how to explain and he was embarassed and this also shows other proof that Todd possibly might have affection for Maurecia
  • In the books, Todd isn't the new kid; that title belongs to Sue. But he's still the only one with common sense.
  • It is widely believed the he has feelings for Maurecia
  • In the episode "Cabbage My Boy", Todd is an only child. In the books he has a baby brother named Ralphie (who is Myron's younger brother, named "Fido" in "Meet the Pets").
  • Despite denying his feelings for Maurecia, in the episode of Rat In Shining Armor where he was jealous of the Armor kid (only to be Sammy the dead rat inside it) and somehow Maurecia thought Todd was the Shining armor. This suggest that Todd really likes Maurecia, possibly more than friends.
  • Todd doesn't hate Mrs. Jewls, but due to his fears of kindergarteners, he always tries to avoid being sent home at noon. Todd shows that he doesn't want Mrs. Jewls to be gone, but wants her to feel what it's like to be on the bus (however, she implies that it was a great experience).
  • In the pilot, Todd was voiced by Michael Cera (overdubbed by Mark Rendall for release outside Canada), in the series, he is voiced by Mark Rendall.
  • In the books, he is usually almost as happy as D.J. (Whose always happy). But in the show he said to have more frowns rather than smile.
  • Todd might be 13 as he's tall and has a deep voice.