Todd is the fifth chapter of Sideways Stories From Wayside School. Todd always gets in trouble because he's always picked on by Mrs. Jewls when he does a very small thing wrong. In this sense, Mrs. Jewls could be considered "mean". In the end, despite being harassed by Joy and saving the class from robbers, he gets sent home on the kindergarten bus.


Memorable Quotes

Todd: Knowledge is much more valuable than money.

Robber 2: Maybe I'll give up being a criminal and become a scientist.

Todd scratched his head

Notes & Trivia

  • It is revealed in this chapter that Mrs. Jewls operates on a three strikes system: Anyone who violates rules three times - as denoted by their name written on the board, a checkmark, and their name circled - is sent home on the kindergarten bus. In the first book, she writes the kids' names on the board; in subsequent books, she makes the kids do so themselves.
  • Leslie and Dameon are first identified here.