• This TV movie served as the pilot for the Wayside School TV series, though it was initially produced as a stand-alone feature.
  • Todd avoided the kindergarten bus to save Mrs. Jewls and her students.
  • Differences from the TV series:
    • The animation was slightly different (having rougher characters designs and brighter colors and shading on some characters like Dana and Todd) than the first seasons' animation and the second season's Flash animation due to being an hour long pitch by Nelvana to commission the show to production.
    • Michael Cera voices Todd instead of Mark Rendall in the movie.
    • Maurecia's hair, instead of purple, is pink. This was changed so a confusation with Todd and Maurecia's hair color won't be established. Also, Maurecia's name was pronounced MAU-REE-SHA than MAU-REE-SEE-UH.
    • Myron understands what the class president does (although he cannot say the name "Light-switch" often forgetting) and became class president at the end of the episode.
    • Dana was the keeper of the rules but in the movie, Todd had it the majority of the film.
    • The angry (originally happy in the episode Oh, Great Leader) picture of Kidswatter was missing.
    • Besides the faculty, Todd, Maurecia, Dana, and Myron, the voices for the students (ex: Stephen) are all different.
    • Poobinsky is green; not purple and his name is not Stewy.
  • The scene where Myron cries and runs away and smashes two nearby cars was later reused for the episode Louis Gets Some Class.
  • Most of the scenes from the film were reused for the opening sequence for the theme song, which would be reused in the actual series.
  • The kindergartens later return in several more episodes.
  • The DVD Cover for the film has several noticeable flaws:
    • The characters are depicted in their post-pilot designs.
    • The rear cover uses screenshots from EPISODES as opposed to the actual film; such examples are Oh, Great Leader and Kidswatter: The Movie.