Wayside School Cartoon

The school as it appears in the cartoon.

Wayside School
is the main setting and school in Wayside. Wayside is an unusual Escher-esque 30-story grammar school. The school had been accidentally built "sideways." It was supposed to be only one story high, with thirty classrooms all in a row. But when the builder constructed Wayside School, he built it thirty stories high, with one classroom on each floor. (He said that he was sorry.) The school is located in an unknown city.

The School

At Wayside, every floor appears to have lockers, stairs, classrooms, doors, and light fixtures.

The first floor contains the principal's office; the second floor contains a bathroom and several rows of lockers.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh floors consist of the classroom for pottery, the school campgrounds, and the school library, respectively.

The twelfth floor contains the faculty lounge and pool, while the following three floors contain the gym, the social studies classroom and gondola canal, and the cafeteria and kitchen.

On the (technically nonexistent) nineteenth floor, there are no doors, but a chute blocked by wooden boards. In the episode, "Dana Checks Out," in the hall and stairwell of what is considered the nineteenth floor, there are lockers in the background.

On the two tallest floors, Ms. Mush teaches honor's class in an auditorium on the twenty-ninth floor, while Mrs. Jewels teaches her students on the thirtieth.

Every floor also appears to be a different color. To add to the school's Escher-esque style, all of the features of the floors—doors, lockers, stairs, etc.—are placed in very unusual ways, as seen in the Escher artwork, Relativity. All of the floors' features are either right-side up, upside-down, sideways, or suspended high above the floor, as seen with several lockers.

Floors of the school

  1. Reception/Principal's office
  2. Restrooms/Ballroom
  3. Land of Cows
  4. Cinema
  5. Art class/Pottery class
  6. Campgrounds
  7. Library
  8. Dance class
  9. Professor's class
  10. Small auditorium
  11. Restrooms
  12. Faculty lounge/Swimming pool
  13. Gym
  14. Social Studies class/Gondola canal
  15. Cafeteria / Kitchen
  16. Unknown. Elevator stopped here in "The Elevator"
  17. Short room (low-ceilings)/Game room
  18. Dance camp
  19. Miss Zarves' class (the hidden floor) shown mainly in "Dana Checks Out" and "Myth of Nick"
  20. Secret room
  21. Unknown. Louis cleans the floor here in an unknown episode.
  22. Water source
  23. Ice-skating rink
  24. Infirmary
  25. Pre-school class/Kindergarden class
  26. Forest campground
  27. Spinning Pipe Hallway/Storage rooms
  28. Basketball court
  29. Large auditorium/Honors class (also extends into 28th floor)
  30. Mrs. Jewls' class